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Oakland lateral ordinance regulates inspections, testing, repair, replacement and continued maintenance of private sewer laterals. The purpose of the ordinance is to maintain the quality of water that runs through the sewer lines. It is important for home and building owners to have sewer testing executed by our experienced plumbers.

An Oakland PSL Certificate May Be Required

When building or remodeling a home that is worth more than $100,000, it is required that the owners obtain the Oakland PSL certificate. The home or business must comply with the PSL ordinance. They must show that all the PSLs located on the property are up to code and have no leaks and are properly connected. The PSL is the pipe that connects your home’s plumbing to the public sanitary system. It is the owner’s responsibility to make certain the sewer lateral ordinance in Oakland is up to code. It is important to have sewer testing to be certain you are in adherence to the local ordinance. The only exception to the PSL ordinance is the purchase of an individual condominium.

Trenchless Relining Is The Right Choice

Damage to sewer lines can be caused by the roots of a tree or large plant. These roots can disrupt the pipes. Also after a heavy rain, the ground can collapse causing failure to the pipes. If this occurs you want someone trained and licensed in trenchless relining to fix the problem. Our trenchless sewer relining in Oakland service provides high quality repairs for trenchless relining and all sewer repairs. When remodeling or building, we provide high quality workmanship that ensures you pass the Oakland sewer inspections.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Sewer Lateral Ordinance In Oakland

Property owners are responsible for the entire PSL from their property to the public sewer main. For health purposes and to maintain the water quality, the sewer lateral ordinance in Oakland exists. Cracked sanitary sewer pipes and too much rainwater can be harmful to the wastewater treatment facilities. This inhibits the facilities from properly treating the sewage lines.

Oakland Sewer Inspection Professionals

In order to be in compliance with Oakland’s PSL ordinance, work can be done before, after or during the building and/or remodeling work. The Oakland PSL certificates are a requirement for any home being sold in the city. This decree requires that an Oakland sewer inspection be performed for the property in order to be in compliance with the sewer lateral ordinance.

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