Oakland Sewer Testing Leads To Sewer Repair

Oakland sewer testing is now the biggest contributor to Oakland sewer repair. If you a person is involved in a residential real estate transaction in Oakland they will need to get a sewer test. This is a simple process to determine whether or not Oakland sewer lateral is letting ground water leak into the sewer line. Every year the sewage treatment plant near Oakland processes far more liquid than they need to. The E.P.A. in cooperation with other government agencies has determined that a large amount of the excess water entering the sewage treatment system comes from excess ground water leaking into broken Oakland sewer lines. Things you may need as part of your real estate transaction to close escrow:

  • Oakland Sewer Testing – This is the process of using air or water to determine whether or not the private sewer lateral is broken or letting excess ground water into the system. Expect the Oakland sewer testing to cost money but not too much.  Be careful when selecting a plumber for Oakland sewer repair.  There have been many reports of unlicensed plumber taking advantage of people who want to close escrow quickly.
  • Oakland Sewer Repair –  If the home fails the sewer test then Oakland sewer repair will be required in order to obtain the sewer certificate needed to close escrow.  In many cases the entire sewer line will need to be replaced.  Be sure to hire a reputable Oakland plumber who has the skill and experience required to understand the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance.
  • Sewer Repair in Oakland CA – There are several sewer repair methods available in Oakland.  One way is for the plumber to dig up the od sewer line, exposing 100% of the pipe for the replacement.  This method does not require sophisticated equipment and can be completed by most local Oakland plumbers.  The down side to this Oakland sewer repair method is that the yard and landscaping are disturbed.
  • Oakland Sewer Repair Plumbers – Be wary of unlicensed individuals posing as Oakland sewer repair contractors.  Always check the status of license number you are being given.  If the plumber is not forthcoming with the license number when you ask for it, be suspicious.
  • Oakland Trenchless Sewer Repair – Trenchless sewer repair is different from traditional sewer repair methods.  Trenchless means just that, there is no trench dug up through the yard.  This is the best Oakland sewer repair method available when you consider that it saves money and preserves the property.
  • Oakland Trenchless Sewer Replacement – The trenchless sewer replacement process in Oakland consists of digging 2 small access points at the beginning and end of the sewer line.  A cable is fed through the existing sewer line from one end to the other.  Then the cable is attached to the new sewer line.  The new pipe is literally pulled right through the old one.
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